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DB-DA - Dragon Ball (Dual Audio)
DB-DUB95 - Dragon Ball (1995 Funimation dub)
DBGT-DA - Dragon Ball GT (Dual Audio)
DBK-DA - Dragon (Z) Ball Kai (Dual Audio)
DBK-DUB - Dragon Ball (Z) Kai (Dub)
DBK-SUB - Dragon Ball Kai (Subtitled)
DBS-BZDUB - Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub)
DBS-DA - Dragon Ball Super (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DA - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DAWS - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio Widescreen)
DBZ-DUB - Dragon Ball Z (Funimation dub)
DBZ-DUBCA - Dragon Ball Z (Canadian Dub)
DBZ-DUBSBN - Dragon Ball Z (Saban)
Other - Others, not yet sorted
#627Dragon Ball Z - 108-093-4x01 - The Heavens Tremble (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][D29AD814].mp4252M
#628Dragon Ball Z - 109-094-4x02 - Black Fog of Terror (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][FFEBAFBB].mp4261M
#629Dragon Ball Z - 110-095-4x03 - Battle in Kami's Lookout (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][60AB9F57].mp4257M
#630Dragon Ball Z - 111-096-4x04 - Fight with Piccolo (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][2BEFEA2A].mp4285M
#631Dragon Ball Z - 112-097-4x05 - Call for Restoration (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][DBA57E30].mp4262M
#632Dragon Ball Z - 113-098-4x06 - Suicidal Course (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][3544D2D9].mp4255M
#633Dragon Ball Z - 114-099-4x07 - Extreme Measures (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][25681277].mp4280M
#634Dragon Ball Z - 115-100-4x08 - The World Awakens (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][3CEA144B].mp4260M
#635Dragon Ball Z - 116-101-4x09 - Brief Chance for Victory (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][0A159278].mp4295M
#636Dragon Ball Z - 117-102-4x10 - Krillin's Proposal (ENG-FUNI 2000) [ColdFusion][058B1E41].mp4239M