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DB-DA - Dragon Ball (Dual Audio)
DB-DUB95 - Dragon Ball (1995 Funimation dub)
DBGT-DA - Dragon Ball GT (Dual Audio)
DBK-DA - Dragon (Z) Ball Kai (Dual Audio)
DBK-DUB - Dragon Ball (Z) Kai (Dub)
DBK-SUB - Dragon Ball Kai (Subtitled)
DBS-BZDUB - Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub)
DBS-DA - Dragon Ball Super (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DA - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DAWS - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio Widescreen)
DBZ-DUB - Dragon Ball Z (Funimation dub)
DBZ-DUBCA - Dragon Ball Z (Canadian Dub)
DBZ-DUBSBN - Dragon Ball Z (Saban)
Other - Others, not yet sorted
#363Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 001 - The Reward for Peace! Who Gets the Hundred Million Zeni_ [WinxBloom1980][A4F2E54F].mkv331M
#364Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 002 - To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes On a Family Trip_ [WinxBloom1980][311B2B58].mkv369M
#365Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 003 - Where's the Rest of My Dream_ Search for the Super Saiyan God! [WinxBloom1980][6A75FDE6].mkv276M
#366Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 004 - Go for the Dragon Balls! The Pilaf Gang's Super Strategy! [WinxBloom1980][892B3028].mkv296M
#367Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 005 - Showdown on King Kai's Planet! Goku vs. Beerus, the God of Destruction! [WinxBloom1980][FBFEF434].mkv270M