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DB-DA - Dragon Ball (Dual Audio)
DB-DUB95 - Dragon Ball (1995 Funimation dub)
DBGT-DA - Dragon Ball GT (Dual Audio)
DBK-DA - Dragon (Z) Ball Kai (Dual Audio)
DBK-DUB - Dragon Ball (Z) Kai (Dub)
DBK-SUB - Dragon Ball Kai (Subtitled)
DBS-BZDUB - Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub)
DBS-DA - Dragon Ball Super (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DA - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio)
DBZ-DAWS - Dragon Ball Z (Dual Audio Widescreen)
DBZ-DUB - Dragon Ball Z (Funimation dub)
DBZ-DUBCA - Dragon Ball Z (Canadian Dub)
DBZ-DUBSBN - Dragon Ball Z (Saban)
Other - Others, not yet sorted
#1[ARM] Dragon Ball 001 'Bulma and Son Goku' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [C74B429D].mkv205M
#2[ARM] Dragon Ball 002 'What the_! No Balls!' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [759A903E].mkv205M
#3[ARM] Dragon Ball 003 'The Turtle Hermit's Kinto Un' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [283A3464].mkv205M
#4[ARM] Dragon Ball 004 'Oolong, the Kidnapping Monster' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [51E3042C].mkv205M
#5[ARM] Dragon Ball 005 'Yamucha, The Strong Yet Cruel Desert Bandit' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [C027ECBC].mkv205M
#6[ARM] Dragon Ball 006 'Midnight Callers' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [51597EB8].mkv205M
#7[ARM] Dragon Ball 007 'Mt. Frypan's Gyumao' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [923F16CD].mkv204M
#8[ARM] Dragon Ball 008 'The Turtle Hermit's Kamehameha' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [185F566B].mkv204M
#9[ARM] Dragon Ball 009 'The Rabbit Boss's Special Technique' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [12E08B83].mkv205M
#10[ARM] Dragon Ball 010 'The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!!' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [CAD50766].mkv205M
#11[ARM] Dragon Ball 011 'At Last The Dragon Appears!' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [FBA90250].mkv206M
#12[ARM] Dragon Ball 012 'The Wish to Shen Long' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [5900D8A8].mkv205M
#13[ARM] Dragon Ball 013 'Goku's Great Transformation' [v2 R4xR2 DA+DoR] [1ECC7EF8].mkv204M
#14[ARM] Dragon Ball 014 'Goku's Rival_ Appears' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [B01A9AAE].mkv204M
#15[ARM] Dragon Ball 015 'The Peculiar Girl, Lunch' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5091BC9E].mkv204M
#16[ARM] Dragon Ball 016 'Training-The Rock Hunt' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [386826DE].mkv204M
#17[ARM] Dragon Ball 017 'With Life at Stake! Milk Delivery' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [D8D4B65B].mkv204M
#18[ARM] Dragon Ball 018 'The Turtle Hermit's Inte~nse Training' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [0B3B3A4E].mkv204M
#19[ARM] Dragon Ball 019 'The Tenkaichi Tournament Begins!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [FCE0C471].mkv203M
#20[ARM] Dragon Ball 020 'Will It Appear!_ The Power from the Training' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [1F0EF9E1].mkv204M
#21[ARM] Dragon Ball 021 'Watch Out! Kuririn' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [143F46E4].mkv203M
#22[ARM] Dragon Ball 022 'Yamucha vs. Jackie Chun' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [74766537].mkv204M
#23[ARM] Dragon Ball 023 'He's Here! The Mighty Foe Giran' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [53C1CE0A].mkv203M
#24[ARM] Dragon Ball 024 'Kuririn's Desperate Offensive and Defensive Battle' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5049A8CC].mkv203M
#25[ARM] Dragon Ball 025 'Get up, Goku! The Fearsome Tenku pekeji-ken' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [AAC32C0F].mkv204M
#26[ARM] Dragon Ball 026 'The Final Round!! Kamehame-Ha' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [08A5B9A5].mkv204M
#27[ARM] Dragon Ball 027 'Goku's Greatest Pinch!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [1AACE429].mkv205M
#28[ARM] Dragon Ball 028 'Clash!! Power vs. Power' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [13148C91].mkv205M
#29[ARM] Dragon Ball 029 'Another Adventure-The Wandering Lake' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [E17EC00A].mkv213M
#30[ARM] Dragon Ball 030 'Pilaf and the Mysterious Army' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [CF446F26].mkv213M
#31[ARM] Dragon Ball 031 'Yikes! A Fake Goku Appears!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [D8F6C4D5].mkv213M
#32[ARM] Dragon Ball 032 'Vanished_! The Flying Fortress in the Sky' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [EF8753D8].mkv214M
#33[ARM] Dragon Ball 033 'Legend of the Dragon' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [0683377A].mkv214M
#34[ARM] Dragon Ball 034 'The Heartless Red Ribbon' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [CED14743].mkv213M
#35[ARM] Dragon Ball 035 'Suno, Girl of the North' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [8060002C].mkv214M
#36[ARM] Dragon Ball 036 'The Terror of Muscle Tower' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [91B8E716].mkv212M
#37[ARM] Dragon Ball 037 'Enter Ninja Murasaki' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [C1D3A2FC].mkv205M
#38[ARM] Dragon Ball 038 'Be Afraid!! The Split-Image Technique' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [636CF65E].mkv207M
#39[ARM] Dragon Ball 039 'The Mysterious Cyborg #8' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [977AA00B].mkv208M
#40[ARM] Dragon Ball 040 'What Now, Goku_! The Horrible Buyon' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [9A5828A4].mkv205M
#41[ARM] Dragon Ball 041 'The End of Muscle Tower' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [7669F396].mkv207M
#42[ARM] Dragon Ball 042 'Imminent Danger!! Go for it, Ha-chan' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [59E780E4].mkv207M
#43[ARM] Dragon Ball 043 'Bulma's House in Metro West' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [FB7A08D9].mkv206M
#44[ARM] Dragon Ball 044 'Goku and Friends and Tons of Danger' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [E5E0E9A1].mkv207M
#45[ARM] Dragon Ball 045 'Watch Out! A Mid-Air Trap' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [8CC7E571].mkv208M
#46[ARM] Dragon Ball 046 'Bulma's Big Failure' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [3B140CAA].mkv208M
#47[ARM] Dragon Ball 047 'Kame House Is Discovered!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [60ECE814].mkv207M
#48[ARM] Dragon Ball 048 'General Blue Begins Attacking!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [B936E246].mkv207M
#49[ARM] Dragon Ball 049 'Lunch-san in Danger' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [7A3C345F].mkv207M
#50[ARM] Dragon Ball 050 'The Pirates' Traps' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [B72F5C00].mkv207M
#51[ARM] Dragon Ball 051 'The Security Guard at the Bottom of the Ocean' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [3C34E898].mkv207M
#52[ARM] Dragon Ball 052 'We Did It! Treasure Discovered' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [A31E3095].mkv208M
#53[ARM] Dragon Ball 053 'The Eyes that Sparkle with Terror' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [83F54B18].mkv208M
#54[ARM] Dragon Ball 054 'Run! Run! The Great Escape' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5EB1E682].mkv207M
#55[ARM] Dragon Ball 055 ''Lo! Chased to Penguin Village' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [BD54FA4A].mkv207M
#56[ARM] Dragon Ball 056 'Woohoo! Arale Rides the Cloud' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [128AB80C].mkv207M
#57[ARM] Dragon Ball 057 'A Face-Off! Arale vs. Blue' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [4CC6E383].mkv207M
#58[ARM] Dragon Ball 058 'The Sacred, Yet Ominous Land of Karin' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [8E1ABA7B].mkv207M
#59[ARM] Dragon Ball 059 'It's Him! The World's Greatest Assassin, Tao Pai Pai' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [1204C42E].mkv207M
#60[ARM] Dragon Ball 060 'A Battle!! The Kamehameha vs. the Dodonpa' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [C3815538].mkv207M
#61[ARM] Dragon Ball 061 'Karin-sama of Karin Tower' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [52DF2165].mkv207M
#62[ARM] Dragon Ball 062 'What Will the Effect of the Super Spirit Water Be_!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5C089E3E].mkv207M
#63[ARM] Dragon Ball 063 'Son Goku's Revenge' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [D153D8E7].mkv207M
#64[ARM] Dragon Ball 064 'The Final Tao Pai Pai' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [21AD84E3].mkv206M
#65[ARM] Dragon Ball 065 'Go, Goku! Commence Assault' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [47F4B529].mkv207M
#66[ARM] Dragon Ball 066 'The Red Ribbon Army Desperately Fights Back' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [8A1F3AD7].mkv207M
#67[ARM] Dragon Ball 067 'Commander Red Perishes!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5D9DE726].mkv207M
#68[ARM] Dragon Ball 068 'The Last Dragon Ball' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [C2EA78BB].mkv207M
#69[ARM] Dragon Ball 069 'The Possibly Cute Fortuneteller Baba' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [510BBF09].mkv207M
#70[ARM] Dragon Ball 070 'Attack! We Five Fighters' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [802B6A87].mkv207M
#71[ARM] Dragon Ball 071 'A Bloody and Desperate Battle!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5D73D318].mkv207M
#72[ARM] Dragon Ball 072 'Meet Son Goku! The Demons' Toilet' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [16779478].mkv207M
#73[ARM] Dragon Ball 073 'What is the Deadly Devil Might Beam_!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [1AB40B6B].mkv207M
#74[ARM] Dragon Ball 074 'The Mysterious 5th Man' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [B624BC9A].mkv207M
#75[ARM] Dragon Ball 075 'A Clash!! Powerful Adversaries' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [2B72C1C7].mkv207M
#76[ARM] Dragon Ball 076 'The Identity of the Masked Man' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [62FA68CE].mkv206M
#77[ARM] Dragon Ball 077 'Pilaf's Great Strategy' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [76F5506E].mkv206M
#78[ARM] Dragon Ball 078 'Shen Long, Again' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [F7486E9E].mkv206M
#79[ARM] Dragon Ball 079 'Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [E7DAA938].mkv206M
#80[ARM] Dragon Ball 080 'Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [FAA0272B].mkv207M
#81[ARM] Dragon Ball 081 'Goku Goes to the Demon World' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [ED8F3726].mkv207M
#82[ARM] Dragon Ball 082 'The Ferocious Beast, Inoshi Kacho' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [27953CA2].mkv207M
#83[ARM] Dragon Ball 083 'Hurry to the Tenkaichi Tournament, Goku!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [6234F4FC].mkv207M
#84[ARM] Dragon Ball 084 'Aim to be the World's Best Martial Artist!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [5B5EBCB3].mkv204M
#85[ARM] Dragon Ball 085 'I'll Make It Through!! Preliminary Survival!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [17CA4458].mkv203M
#86[ARM] Dragon Ball 086 'It's Decided!! The Eight Warriors!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [C8D90A3D].mkv203M
#87[ARM] Dragon Ball 087 'Showdown!! Yamucha vs. Ten Shinhan!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [EA6EF734].mkv203M
#88[ARM] Dragon Ball 088 'Come on, Yamucha! The Fearsome Ten Shinhan!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [8F7CC87E].mkv205M
#89[ARM] Dragon Ball 089 'Horrifying!! The Full Moon Grudge!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [B0A5853C].mkv206M
#90[ARM] Dragon Ball 090 'Not the Dodonpa!!' [R1xR2 DA+DoR] [255827CC].mkv206M
#91[ARM] Dragon Ball 139 'Another Intense Battle! Goku vs. Tenshinhan' [9FA6871E].mkv268M
#92[ARM] Dragon Ball 140 'True Strength' [DF6951D3].mkv268M
#93[ARM] Dragon Ball 141 'Four Tenshinhans' [1BF79229].mkv268M
#94[ARM] Dragon Ball 142 'Who's Stronger_! Kami vs. Piccolo Daimao' [EFC9B08F].mkv268M
#95[ARM] Dragon Ball 143 'With the Fate of the World in the Balance!' [988C46F0].mkv268M
#96[ARM] Dragon Ball 144 'There It Is! The Ultimate Mega Kamehameha' [28C89B32].mkv268M
#97[ARM] Dragon Ball 145 'Piccolo Daimao and the Super Giant Technique' [963945B3].mkv268M
#98[ARM] Dragon Ball 146 'Son Goku's Trap' [7256E4E5].mkv268M
#99[ARM] Dragon Ball 147 'Grim Situation!!' [E7586A6A].mkv268M
#100[ARM] Dragon Ball 148 'I Did It! The Strongest Man on Earth' [67B0363D].mkv268M
#132Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 001 - Secret of the Dragon Ball [ColdFusion][A810B0DD].mp4275M
#133Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 002 - The Emperor's Quest [ColdFusion][3BEF8E51].mp4247M
#134Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 003 - The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi [ColdFusion][FD9EFDCF].mp4268M
#135Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 004 - Oolong the Terrible [ColdFusion][7F37352D].mp4270M
#136Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 005 - Yamcha the Desert Bandit [ColdFusion][81F19EE1].mp4294M
#137Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 006 - Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls [ColdFusion][2CF70FC3].mp4222M
#138Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 007 - The Ox-King on Fire Mountain [ColdFusion][0159AAEB].mp4281M
#139Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 008 - The Kamehameha Wave [ColdFusion][C4A7D345].mp4290M
#140Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 009 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch [ColdFusion][3C887628].mp4288M
#141Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 010 - The Dragon Balls Are Stolen [ColdFusion][57ECB7E5].mp4266M
#142Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 011 - The Penalty Is Pinball [ColdFusion][395B0CD0].mp4253M
#143Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 012 - A Wish to the Eternal Dragon [ColdFusion][E4FC8052].mp4204M
#144Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - 013 - The Legend of Goku [ColdFusion][CB87B74C].mp4209M
#145Dragon Ball (1995 Dub) - Movie 1 - Curse of the Blood Rubies [ColdFusion][8065D5C0].mp4539M
#146[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 01 'Mysterious Dragon Balls Appear!! Goku Turns Into a Child!_' [R1xR2] [D9C487AF].mkv218M
#147[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 02 'I'm the Star! Pan Takes Off Into Space!!' [R1xR2] [36E6D34E].mkv218M
#148[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 03 'Super-Greedy!! The Merchant Planet Imegga' [R1xR2] [622237AE].mkv218M
#149[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 04 'Wanted!! Goku Makes the Wanted List!_' [R1xR2] [0DB22E84].mkv218M
#150[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 05 'Strong Guy Located!! Redjic, the Bodyguard' [R1xR2] [A9A7E349].mkv218M
#151[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 06 'That Hurts A Bit!_ Goku the Dentist' [R1xR2] [0933563E].mkv218M
#152[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 07 'My Beloved Honey!_ The Bride is Trunks' [R1xR2] [5FCF7F71].mkv218M
#153[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 08 'Goku Goes Ka-boom, Too!! Full Throttle Whisker Power' [R1xR2] [ACC330E3].mkv218M
#154[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 09 'Cripes!! Goku Plunges Into a Trap Planet!_' [R1xR2] [0B908A48].mkv218M
#155[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 10 'Dancing Attack!_ Bonpappa!!' [R1xR2] [5B17AD60].mkv218M
#156[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 11 'Lood's Curse!_ Pan Gets Turned Into a Doll' [R1xR2] [06AEB66A].mkv218M
#157[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 12 'God's Revelations are Big Trouble!! Lood Gets Underway' [R1xR2] [F17FDB60].mkv218M
#158[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 13 'He's the Boss!_ The Mysterious Scientist Mu' [R1xR2] [98C7E4DF].mkv218M
#159[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 14 'Flawless Rhythm!_ Lood is Subdued!!' [R1xR2] [68679724].mkv218M
#160[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 15 'I'm Going Astray! Pan Runs Away!_' [R1xR2] [5D19F174].mkv218M
#161[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 16 'Machine Planet M2... Gill the Turncoat!_' [R1xR2] [F1581928].mkv218M
#162[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 17 'Leave it to Pan! Operation Rescue Goku!!' [R1xR2] [AA376D91].mkv218M
#163[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 18 'This Isn't In the Data!! Goku, Super-Serious' [R1xR2] [80E540F1].mkv218M
#164[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 19 'To Battle!! The Mighty Mutant- Rild' [R1xR2] [2EEDEE5F].mkv218M
#165[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 20 'I'm Astounded!! A Metal Tsunami Attacks Goku' [R1xR2] [15190EA4].mkv218M
#166[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 21 'How Can This Be!! Goku Has Become A Metal Slab!' [R1xR2] [B665FCA2].mkv218M
#167[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 22 'The Scheme Is Revealed!! The Evil Life Form Baby' [R1xR2] [9C3A1BAB].mkv218M
#168[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 23 'Hidden Crisis!_ The Shipwreck and the Mysterious Young Boy' [R1xR2] [900CB199].mkv218M
#169[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 24 'Baby Counterattacks!! Sought-After Saiyans!!' [R1xR2] [728A6D5B].mkv218M
#170[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 25 'This Is Terrible!! Baby Appears On Earth' [R1xR2] [DF32D9AF].mkv218M
#171[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 26 'Gohan and Goten... The Worst of Fights Between Brothers!_' [R1xR2] [8E54F0F9].mkv218M
#172[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 27 'The Scheme Completed!_ Vegeta is Taken Over' [R1xR2] [782735F1].mkv217M
#173[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 28 'Goku Returns... All of Earth Is My Enemy!_' [R1xR2] [FE4D26E3].mkv217M
#174[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 29 'Ultra-Yikes!_ Super Saiyan 3 Beaten!!' [R1xR2] [4E49EB63].mkv217M
#175[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 30 'Goku Exterminated!_ I've Gone and Died' [R1xR2] [725F9AE6].mkv217M
#176[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 31 'Ah, What a Suprise!_ Sugoroku Space's Grand Collapse' [R1xR2] [2743BB7C].mkv217M
#177[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 32 'Give Me Back Goku!! Oob, the Warrior of Fury' [R1xR2] [653900A6].mkv217M
#178[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 33 'Take This, Baby! A Reborn Oob's Death Rays!!' [R1xR2] [CB4BCF3F].mkv217M
#179[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 34 'Transformation Blunder!_ Goku's Great Ape Rampage!!' [R1xR2] [A78A1EB3].mkv217M
#180[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 35 'The Mightiest!! Goku Becomes Super Saiyan 4!!' [R1xR2] [5C057340].mkv217M
#181[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 36 'An Immortal Monster_! The Ferocious Great Ape Baby' [R1xR2] [1CC0306A].mkv217M
#182[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 37 'Valor!! Baby and Goku's Double-KO!!' [R1xR2] [C77D5B4F].mkv217M
#183[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 38 'With Everyone Else's Power...Super Saiyan 4 Revived' [R1xR2] [27C07C88].mkv217M
#184[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 39 'This is the End! Baby Eradicated At Last' [R1xR2] [416D3D58].mkv217M
#185[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 40 'Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Momentous Decision' [R1xR2] [ACB9535E].mkv217M
#186[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 41 'Tenkaichi Tournament-Who Will Be Satan's Successor' [R1xR2] [46790AF8].mkv217M
#187[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 42 'Die, Goku!! Mighty Enemies Return From Hell' [R1xR2] [2E7599CD].mkv217M
#188[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 43 'Demon Warriors of Hell! Cell & Freeza Revived' [R1xR2] [BE0419A9].mkv217M
#189[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 44 'The Ultimate Artificial Human! The Two No. 17s Unite' [R1xR2] [9661F401].mkv218M
#190[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 45 'Hurry, Goku!! A Grand Strategy For Escaping From Hell' [R1xR2] [862C9E42].mkv218M
#191[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 46 'Clash! Super Saiyan 4 vs. Super No. 17' [R1xR2] [2CE27C11].mkv218M
#192[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 47 'A Great Reversal! Goku and No. 18's Two-Stage Attack Erupts!' [R1xR2] [2F663777].mkv218M
#193[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 48 'This is a Surprise! Shen Long Becomes the Enemy_!' [R1xR2] [F311F68D].mkv218M
#194[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 49 'The Mightiest of Foes!_ The Dragon Who Uses a Horrible Dirty Trick' [R1xR2] [FC268F40].mkv218M
#195[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 50 'Saiya Power Beaten_! The Electrical Beast Wu Xing Long' [R1xR2] [F3492610].mkv217M
#196[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 51 'Liu Xing Long! Find a Weakness to the Great Whirlwind Attack' [R1xR2] [6E956E42].mkv218M
#197[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 52 'Pan, Watch Out! Qi Xing Long's Secret Weapon' [R1xR2] [8AAD1511].mkv218M
#198[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 53 'Pan Exterminated_! A Tearful Times-Ten Kamehame-Ha' [R1xR2] [5D4C6988].mkv218M
#199[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 54 '6000 Degrees of Power! The Warrior of the Sun' [R1xR2] [DE65AC46].mkv218M
#200[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 55 'Bulma in Action! The Project to Rebuild Vegeta' [R1xR2] [A1E69F38].mkv218M
#201[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 56 'After the Sun Comes the Cold! Dragon Brothers of Flame and Ice' [R1xR2] [77E1E20A].mkv218M
#202[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 57 'Strength Overwhelming!! The Dragon Who Rules the Evil Dragons' [R1xR2] [DE29CAB6].mkv218M
#203[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 58 'Commence Counterattack! Surpass Super Saiyan 4' [R1xR2] [B09C469C].mkv218M
#204[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 59 'Friend or Foe_ Great Ape Vegeta Runs Rampant' [R1xR2] [C26AF09B].mkv218M
#205[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 60 'Fusion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta' [R1xR2] [17E3930A].mkv218M
#206[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 61 'I'll Win For Sure! Goku Eats Si Xing Qiu' [R1xR2] [B9A96D40].mkv218M
#207[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 62 'Save Goku! A Final Ally Appears' [R1xR2] [D16075A7].mkv218M
#208[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 63 'A Miraculous Come-From-Behind Victory!! Goku Saves the Universe' [R1xR2] [A18404BF].mkv218M
#209[ARM] Dragon Ball GT 64 'Farewell, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again' (FINAL) [R1xR2] [D6661A6C].mkv218M
#210[ARM] Dragon Ball GT SP 'Goku's Side Story! Si Xing Qiu is a Testament to Courage' [R1xR2] [42A2DEBA].mkv412M
#211Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 099 TFC 01 - Seven Years Later! Starting Today, Gohan is a High School Student [ColdFusion][90CF671B].mkv494M
#212Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 100 TFC 02 - A New Hero, Great Saiyaman, is Born! [ColdFusion][81A42F2E].mkv459M
#213Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 101 TFC 03 - Videl's Crisis_ Gohan's Urgent Call-out! [ColdFusion][5A8A9B9D].mkv426M
#214Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 102 TFC 04 - A Monster is Taken Away! The Culprit is Great Saiyaman_ [ColdFusion][B600B1FC].mkv415M
#215Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 103 TFC 05 - Entering the World Martial Arts Tournament! Goten Shows Off His Explosive Power During Training! [ColdFusion][BD1CCDB7].mkv449M
#216Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 104 TFC 06 - Gohan the Teacher! Videl's Flying Technique Tutorial [ColdFusion][19EA3832].mkv416M
#217Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 105 TFC 07 - The Dragon Team Fully Assembled! Goku Has Come Back! [ColdFusion][85B0DD6D].mkv416M
#218Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 106 TFC 08 - Who Is the World's Greatest_ The Tournament Preliminaries Begin! [ColdFusion][20590FDE].mkv448M
#219Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 107 TFC 09 - Everyone is Surprised! Goten and Trunks' Super Battle! [ColdFusion][488199A1].mkv464M
#220Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 108 TFC 10 - The Junior Champ is Finally Decided! Who Will Fight Against Mr. Satan_ [ColdFusion][943180BA].mkv475M
#221Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 109 TFC 11 - Restless Foreboding, A Mysterious Warrior Appears! [ColdFusion][419E6FE8].mkv432M
#222Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 110 TFC 12 - What Happened, Piccolo_ An Unexpected Outcome in the First Round [ColdFusion][D7752863].mkv446M
#223Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 111 TFC 13 - An Eerie Entity, Who Exactly is Spopovitch_ [ColdFusion][741F9667].mkv491M
#224Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 112 TFC 14 - Videl Battered! Gohan's Fury Reaches Its Limit! [ColdFusion][47282E27].mkv491M
#225Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 113 TFC 15 - A Creeping Conspiracy! The Target is Gohan [ColdFusion][CE49BDB5].mkv469M
#226Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 114 TFC 16 - Terrifying Secret of the Majin, The Mastermind Revealed! [ColdFusion][5F6E0CF5].mkv485M
#227Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 115 TFC 17 - The Nefarious Wizard Babidi And Demon King Dabura's Trap [ColdFusion][EBFF03D2].mkv465M
#228Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 116 TFC 18 - Don't Sell Super Saiyans Short! Vegeta and Goku's Full-Bore Power! [ColdFusion][F4A53E8D].mkv488M
#229Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 117 TFC 19 - Whither Victory_ A Battle Royal Championship Match! [ColdFusion][BF8F75B8].mkv475M
#230Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 118 TFC 20 - Stunning Youngsters! No. 18's Uphill Battle [ColdFusion][E7DBF004].mkv502M
#231Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 119 TFC 21 - Enter the Headliner! The Looming Demon King! [ColdFusion][A4A905BF].mkv518M
#232Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 120 TFC 22 - A Heart of Evil Awakened, Vegeta, Prince of Destruction [ColdFusion][16EF50F4].mkv505M
#233Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 121 TFC 23 - I am the Strongest! The Clash of Goku vs. Vegeta [ColdFusion][BB850D24].mkv504M
#234Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 122 TFC 24 - Countdown to Revival, Crush Babidi's Ambitions! [ColdFusion][7A94BC80].mkv538M
#235Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 123 TFC 25 - The Seal is Released_ Gohan's Kamehame-Ha of Resistance [ColdFusion][3E771D32].mkv535M
#236Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 124 TFC 26 - Straightaway Into Despair_ The Terror of Majin Buu [ColdFusion][C7151044].mkv507M
#237Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 125 TFC 27 - Turn Into Candy! A Hungry Majin's Bizarre Power! [ColdFusion][58D28313].mkv542M
#238Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 126 TFC 28 - I Will Deal with the Majin! Vegeta's Final Mortal Combat! [ColdFusion][8FD7F7D4].mkv527M
#239Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 127 TFC 29 - For His Beloved Ones... The End of the Proud Warrior! [ColdFusion][F4F86463].mkv508M
#240Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 128 TFC 30 - A Nightmare Revisited, The Immortal Monster Majin Buu! [ColdFusion][E202BA22].mkv505M
#241Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 129 TFC 31 - A Secret Plan to Defeat Buu! Its Name is Fusion [ColdFusion][2CB07C26].mkv491M
#242Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 130 TFC 32 - Found! A Faint Ray of Hope, Awaken, Warriors! [ColdFusion][0A4D6E95].mkv488M
#243Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 131 TFC 33 - Find the Nuisances, Babidi's Retaliation Begins! [ColdFusion][A0DE724F].mkv451M
#244Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 132 TFC 34 - A Time of Trials! Lay Hold of Legendary Powers! [ColdFusion][5BC583B2].mkv495M
#245Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 133 TFC 35 - Hold Majin Buu in Check! Limit - Super Saiyan 3! [ColdFusion][1A5C96CB].mkv491M
#246Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 134 TFC 36 - True Worth Beginning to Show, The Treacherous Buu! [ColdFusion][6C5B3A87].mkv492M
#247Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 135 TFC 37 - Silly Looking_ Drilling the Fusion Pose! [ColdFusion][B689361A].mkv476M
#248Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 136 TFC 38 - Bye-bye, Everyone! Goku Returns to the Next World [ColdFusion][F7AB6E03].mkv452M
#249Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 137 TFC 39 - Gohan Located! Intensive Training in the World of the Kais! [ColdFusion][B7B52D43].mkv451M
#250Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 138 TFC 40 - Birth of a Merged Superwarrior, His Name is Gotenks! [ColdFusion][529FE4DA].mkv442M
#251Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 139 TFC 41 - Who Will Defeat Majin Buu_ The Mightiest of Men Moves Out! [ColdFusion][E6AF3889].mkv452M
#252Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 140 TFC 42 - The Powering Up Continues_ Super Gotenks is Achieved! [ColdFusion][13EBBB11].mkv451M
#253Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 141 TFC 43 - What Anger Gives Rise To, Another Majin! [ColdFusion][34C71CEA].mkv442M
#254Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 142 TFC 44 - Buu Gobbles Up Buu! Onslaught of a New Majin! [ColdFusion][DECE0A1E].mkv493M
#255Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 143 TFC 45 - Headlong Rush Into Catastrophe! A One-Hour Time Limit! [ColdFusion][3FA2BD56].mkv468M
#256Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 144 TFC 46 - Training Complete! You're Finished Now, Majin Buu! [ColdFusion][2553D4D9].mkv416M
#257Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 145 TFC 47 - Eliminating Buu with Ghosts_ A Knockout Kamikaze Attack! [ColdFusion][40CC781C].mkv445M
#258Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 146 TFC 48 - Gotenks' Ace in the Hole! Transformation! Super Gotenks 3! [ColdFusion][638FDC1D].mkv458M
#259Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 147 TFC 49 - On a Roll! Buu-Buu-Volleyball! [ColdFusion][01ABF012].mkv515M
#260Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 148 TFC 50 - Thanks for Waiting, Everyone! A Reborn Gohan Heads for Earth! [ColdFusion][5C1BD178].mkv463M
#261Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 149 TFC 51 - Buu Overwhelmed! Ultimate Gohan's Super Power! [ColdFusion][02809A88].mkv494M
#262Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 150 TFC 52 - Buu's Sinister Scheme_ Gotenks is Absorbed [ColdFusion][9A175196].mkv465M
#263Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 151 TFC 53 - The Elder Kai's Brainstorm! Return to Life, Goku! [ColdFusion][E59054DE].mkv467M
#264Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 152 TFC 54 - Miracles Happen Once... Will Goku and He Make the Ultimate Combination_ [ColdFusion][32FD0F95].mkv528M
#265Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 153 TFC 55 - Invincible! The Ultimate Warrior Vegetto [ColdFusion][C29B561F].mkv478M
#266Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 154 TFC 56 - Buu's Ace in the Hole! The Warriors Are Absorbed! (v2) [ColdFusion][FEB06DE8].mkv483M
#267Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 155 TFC 57 - Rescue Gohan and the Others! Goku and Vegeta's Infiltration Mission! (v2) [ColdFusion][A9094690].mkv474M
#268Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 156 TFC 58 - Emergency Escape from the Body! Buu's Retrogression Into Evil! [ColdFusion][A870AB7A].mkv536M
#269Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 157 TFC 59 - Earth Destroyed! The Initial Buu's Nefarious Strike [ColdFusion][3B25C888].mkv482M
#270Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 158 TFC 60 - A Final Showdown at the Summit! Face-Off in the World of the Kais! [ColdFusion][79A6FEEB].mkv524M
#271Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 159 TFC 61 - Hang In There, Kakarot! You Are No. 1! [ColdFusion][553C24D8].mkv590M
#272Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 160 TFC 62 - A One-Minute Match-Up! Vegeta's Life-Threatening Stall for Time! [ColdFusion][8C750F4A].mkv521M
#273Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 161 TFC 63 - An Inspired Strategy, Make Two Wishes Come True! [ColdFusion][94F17E52].mkv489M
#274Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 162 TFC 64 - Share Your Spirit Energy with Me! I'm Making a Huge Spirit Bomb! [ColdFusion][6FF9B194].mkv509M
#275Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 163 TFC 65 - You Are the Savior of the World! Everybody's Spirit Bomb Completed! [ColdFusion][9D16188F].mkv472M
#276Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 164 TFC 66 - You Really Are the Greatest, Goku!! The Demise of Majin Buu [ColdFusion][2DCC450C].mkv511M
#277Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 165 TFC 67 - Peace Returns! A Time of Rest for the Warriors! [ColdFusion][76113D59].mkv525M
#278Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 166 TFC 68 - And So, Ten Years Later... A Long-Awaited World Martial Arts Tournament! [ColdFusion][0FA93CC1].mkv449M
#279Dragon Ball Z-Kai - 167 TFC 69 - Even Stronger! Goku's Dream is Never-Ending! [ColdFusion][802E33D6].mkv476M
#280[ARM RaX] Dragon Ball Z Kai 001 'Prologue to Battle! The Return of Son Goku' [DVDxBD.480p x264-aac] [6EC6E5C0].mkv267M
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#283[ARM RaX] Dragon Ball Z Kai 002 'The Enemy is Goku's Brother!! The Secret of the Mighty Saiyan Warriors' [DVDxBD.1080p x264-aac] [8BE99A3E].mkv765M
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#309[TvT] Dragon Ball Z-Kai 009 'Yamcha's Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen!' [NT-drf&usotsuki] [2B69619B].mp4174M
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#320Dragon Ball Kai - 099 - 7 Years Since Then! From Today On, Gohan's in High School [Baaro][720p][9EF004F8].mkv484M
#321Dragon Ball Kai - 100 - Caught! The New Hero is Son Gohan (v2) [Baaro][720p][4635FAEF].mkv507M
#322Dragon Ball Kai - 101 - Gohan the Teacher! Videl's Intro to Bukujutsu (v2 NO CLOCK) [Baaro][720p][8A206ADE].mkv540M
#323Dragon Ball Kai - 102 - The Dragon Team's All Here! Son Goku's Back!! [Baaro][720p][83C9ABF5].mkv498M
#324Dragon Ball Kai - 103 - Everyone's Astonished! A Super Battle between Goten and Trunks!! [Baaro][720p][7A6FBA98].mkv647M
#325Dragon Ball Kai - 104 - Trouble Incoming... A Mysterious Warrior Appears!! [Baaro][720p][D642701C].mkv482M
#326Dragon Ball Kai - 105 - What's Wrong, Piccolo_! An Unexpected End for the First Round [Baaro][720p][018134F2].mkv507M
#327Dragon Ball Kai - 106 - Videl Gets Pulverised, Gohan's Anger Explodes!! [Baaro][720p][64A2DBF4].mkv502M
#328Dragon Ball Kai - 107 - The Secret of the Fearsome Majin, The Mastermind Shows Himself!! [Baaro][720p][B6BFED10].mkv542M
#329Dragon Ball Kai - 108 - The Trap Laid by the Evil Mage Bobbidi and the King of the Demon Realm of Darkness, Dabra [Baaro][720p][6D281BE9].mkv473M
#330Dragon Ball Kai - 109 - Don't Underestimate Super Saiyans! Vegeta and Goku at Full Power! (v2) [Baaro][720p][FD8125C7].mkv487M
#331Dragon Ball Kai - 110 - Who is the World's Strongest_! A Battle Royale Final!! (v2) [Baaro][720p][5671C768].mkv486M
#332Dragon Ball Kai - 111 - The Terrific Children!! #18 Struggles (v2) [Baaro][720p][305B0044].mkv521M
#333Dragon Ball Kai - 112 - Time for the Main Act! The Towering Demon King!! [Baaro][720p][BDF74E41].mkv516M
#334Dragon Ball Kai - 113 - An Evil Heart Revived, The Prince of Destruction, Vegeta! [Baaro][720p][C742760A].mkv509M
#335Dragon Ball Kai - 114 - I'm the Strongest! The Clash_ Goku VS Vegeta [Baaro][720p][F78482C8].mkv507M
#336Dragon Ball Kai - 115 - Countdown to Revival, Destroy Bobbidi's Ambitions! [Baaro][720p][5E5503FC].mkv529M
#337Dragon Ball Kai - 116 - The Seal is Broken!_ Gohan's Last-Ditch Kame Hame Ha [Baaro][720p][50A1FBAC].mkv560M
#338Dragon Ball Kai - 117 - Headed Straight into Despair_! The Terror of Majin Boo [Baaro][720p][DB43B8DB].mkv549M
#339Dragon Ball Kai - 118 - Turn into Sweets! The Creepy Powers of the Hungry Majin [Baaro][720p][1C515F04].mkv574M
#340Dragon Ball Kai - 119 - I'll Finish Off the Majin, Vegeta's Final Fight to the Death! [Baaro][720p][893659E3].mkv559M
#341Dragon Ball Kai - 120 - This Is For Everyone I Love... The End of the Prideful Warrior! [Baaro][720p][AD2ECB7B].mkv531M
#342Dragon Ball Kai - 121 - The Nightmare Returns, The Immortal Monster, Majin Boo! [Baaro][720p][C82FE739].mkv533M
#343Dragon Ball Kai - 122 - A Secret Plan to Defeat Boo, It's Called Fusion! [Baaro][720p][0F361B7B].mkv531M
#344Dragon Ball Kai - 123 - A Faint Ray of Hope Has Appeared! Awaken, Warriors!! [Baaro][720p][F4F81725].mkv516M
#345Dragon Ball Kai - 124 - Find the Troublemakers, Bobbidi's Revenge Plan Begins! [Baaro][720p][BCFBAFD2].mkv465M
#346Dragon Ball Kai - 125 - A Trying Time, Obtain the Strength of Legends! [Baaro][720p][C5642453].mkv563M
#347Dragon Ball Kai - 126 - Delay Majin Boo, The Limit! Super Saiyan 3!! [Baaro][720p][BBBDFF9E].mkv572M
#348Dragon Ball Kai - 127 - Standing Up For Himself, Boo Rebels! [Baaro][720p][7F91114E].mkv575M
#349Dragon Ball Kai - 128 - You're Calling This Uncool_! The Fusion Pose Training! [Baaro][720p][F7C33ED4].mkv554M
#350Dragon Ball Kai - 129 - Bye-Bye, Everybody!! Son Goku Returns to the Afterlife [Baaro][720p][5C876BA5].mkv497M
#351Dragon Ball Kai - 130 - Found You, Gohan! Harsh Training in the Kaioshin Realm! [Baaro][720p][5A1AD35B].mkv498M
#352Dragon Ball Kai - 131 - A Merged Super-Warrior Is Born, His Name Is Gotenks!! [Baaro][720p][32E03F96].mkv480M
#353Dragon Ball Kai - 132 - Who Will Defeat the Majin_ The Strongest Man Sets Out!! [Baaro][720p][EEE5C7E2].mkv502M
#354Dragon Ball Kai - 133 - The Power-up Continues_! He's Complete! Super Gotenks! [Baaro][720p][2A7508DB].mkv493M
#355Dragon Ball Kai - 134 - Another Majin, Born From Anger! [Baaro][720p][12FF8BDD].mkv484M
#356Dragon Ball Kai - 135 - Boo Swallowed Boo, The New Majin Attacks!! [Baaro][720p][223AAD5A].mkv562M
#357Dragon Ball Kai - 136 - Racing Toward Disaster! A 1-Hour Time Limit!! [Baaro][720p][E52BB493].mkv540M
#358Dragon Ball Kai - 137 - The Special Training's Over! This Is It For You, Majin Boo [Baaro][720p][3EF70C03].mkv477M
#359Dragon Ball Kai - 138 - Ghosts Busting Boo, The Deadly Kamikaze Attack!! [Baaro][720p][1D34FEED].mkv506M
#360Dragon Ball Kai - 139 - Gotenks's Trump Card, Transform! Super Gotenks 3!! [Baaro][720p][5D9C7208].mkv552M
#361Dragon Ball Kai - 140 - Exciting! Boo-Boo Volleyball!! [Baaro][720p][83AE41B9].mkv616M
#362Dragon Ball Kai - 141 - What You've All Been Waiting For! The Reborn Gohan Heads To Earth!! [Baaro][720p][AA666F81].mkv554M
#363Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 001 - The Reward for Peace! Who Gets the Hundred Million Zeni_ [WinxBloom1980][A4F2E54F].mkv331M
#364Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 002 - To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes On a Family Trip_ [WinxBloom1980][311B2B58].mkv369M
#365Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 003 - Where's the Rest of My Dream_ Search for the Super Saiyan God! [WinxBloom1980][6A75FDE6].mkv276M
#366Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 004 - Go for the Dragon Balls! The Pilaf Gang's Super Strategy! [WinxBloom1980][892B3028].mkv296M
#367Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom Dub DoR) 005 - Showdown on King Kai's Planet! Goku vs. Beerus, the God of Destruction! [WinxBloom1980][FBFEF434].mkv270M
#368Dragon Ball Super - 001 - A Peacetime Reward, Who Gets the 100,000,000 Zeni_! [ColdFusion][0B962126].mkv472M
#369Dragon Ball Super - 002 - To the Promised Resort! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip_! [ColdFusion][E976149A].mkv509M
#370Dragon Ball Super - 003 - Where Does the Dream Pick Up_! Find the Super Saiyan God! [ColdFusion][6725FAF3].mkv413M
#371Dragon Ball Super - 004 - Bid for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission! [ColdFusion][08013433].mkv428M
#372Dragon Ball Super - 005 - Showdown on King Kai's World! Goku vs. Beerus the Destroyer [ColdFusion][08F3D78D].mkv398M
#373Dragon Ball Super - 006 - Don't Anger the Destroyer! A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party [ColdFusion][62C43016].mkv429M
#374Dragon Ball Super - 007 - How Dare You Do That to My Bulma! Vegeta's Metamorphosis of Fury_! [ColdFusion][D5B68C1B].mkv456M
#375Dragon Ball Super - 008 - Goku Makes an Entrance! A Last Chance from Lord Beerus_! [ColdFusion][B9C8625C].mkv495M
#376Dragon Ball Super - 009 - Thanks for Waiting, Lord Beerus! A Super Saiyan God Is Born at Last! [ColdFusion][6A6CD08D].mkv509M
#377Dragon Ball Super - 010 - Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God!! [ColdFusion][B3BACD60].mkv520M
#378Dragon Ball Super - 011 - Let's Keep Going, Lord Beerus! The Battle of Gods! [ColdFusion][B21D3E8D].mkv544M
#379Dragon Ball Super - 012 - The Universe Will Shatter_! Clash! Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God! [ColdFusion][2ED46F3D].mkv642M
#380Dragon Ball Super - 013 - Goku, Surpass Super Saiyan God! [ColdFusion][A4BAF33A].mkv596M
#381Dragon Ball Super - 014 - This Is All the Power I've Got! A Settlement between Gods [ColdFusion][7FF0AE5E].mkv544M
#382Dragon Ball Super - 015 - Valiant Mr. Satan, Work a Miracle! A Challenge from Outer Space! [ColdFusion][D65F194D].mkv436M
#383Dragon Ball Super - 016 - Vegeta Becomes a Student_! Win Over Whis! [ColdFusion][6B0A263B].mkv432M
#384Dragon Ball Super - 017 - Pan Is Born! And Goku Goes on a Training Journey_! [ColdFusion][6134E8DC].mkv409M
#385Dragon Ball Super - 018 - I'm Here, Too! Training Commences on Beerus' World! [ColdFusion][3713F3E6].mkv420M
#386Dragon Ball Super - 019 - Despair Redux! The Return of the Evil Emperor, Frieza! [ColdFusion][E64035EE].mkv686M
#387Dragon Ball Super - 020 - A Warning from Jaco! Frieza and 1,000 Soldiers Close In [ColdFusion][47ED020E].mkv425M
#388Dragon Ball Super - 021 - The Start of Vengeance! The Frieza Force's Malice Strikes Gohan! [ColdFusion][2A5C8DE4].mkv480M
#389Dragon Ball Super - 022 - Change! An Unexpected Return! His Name Is Ginyu!! [ColdFusion][986DA752].mkv575M
#390Dragon Ball Super - 023 - Earth! Gohan! Both on the Ropes! Hurry and Get Here, Goku!! [ColdFusion][CA74504A].mkv480M
#391Dragon Ball Super - 024 - Clash! Frieza vs. Goku, This Is The Result of My Training! [ColdFusion][F8160012].mkv441M
#392Dragon Ball Super - 025 - A Full-Throttle Battle! The Vengeful Golden Frieza [ColdFusion][06F8713F].mkv473M
#393Dragon Ball Super - 026 - A Chance Appears in a Tight Spot! Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku! [ColdFusion][4C275AD4].mkv580M
#394Dragon Ball Super - 027 - The Earth Explodes_! A Decisive Kamehameha! [ColdFusion][1E1D0329].mkv619M
#395Dragon Ball Super - 028 - The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name Is Champa! [ColdFusion][E3888C7A].mkv400M
#396Dragon Ball Super - 029 - Combat Matches Are a Go! The Captain Is Someone Stronger Than Goku [ColdFusion][A1719BCA].mkv434M
#397Dragon Ball Super - 030 - A Run-Through for the Competition! Who Are the Last Two Members_! [ColdFusion][C910754D].mkv1.2G
#398Dragon Ball Super - 031 - Off to See Master Zuno! Find Out Where the Super Dragon Balls Are! [ColdFusion][40172B29].mkv493M
#399Dragon Ball Super - 032 - The Matches Begin! We're All Off to the 'Planet with No Name'! [ColdFusion][912D4F92].mkv434M
#400Dragon Ball Super - 033 - Surprise, 6th Universe! This Is Super Saiyan Goku! [ColdFusion][8892F72D].mkv436M
#401Dragon Ball Super - 034 - Piccolo vs. Frost! Stake It All on the Special Beam Cannon! [ColdFusion][101477AC].mkv470M
#402Dragon Ball Super - 035 - Turn Your Anger into Strength! Vegeta's Full-Bore Battle [ColdFusion][41099437].mkv474M
#403Dragon Ball Super - 036 - An Unexpectedly Uphill Battle! Vegeta's Great Blast of Fury! [ColdFusion][B14588EC].mkv505M
#404Dragon Ball Super - 037 - Don't Forget Your Saiyan Pride! Vegeta vs. the 6th Universe's Saiyan [ColdFusion][5F35070A].mkv463M
#405Dragon Ball Super - 038 - The 6th Universe's Mightiest Warrior! Engage the Assassin Hit!! [ColdFusion][33AEF60B].mkv448M
#406Dragon Ball Super - 039 - A Developed 'Time Skip' Counterstrike_! Here Comes Goku's New Move! [ColdFusion][32F64A0B].mkv558M
#407Dragon Ball Super - 040 - A Decision at Last! Is the Winner Beerus_ Or Is It Champa_ [ColdFusion][543E53CF].mkv514M
#408Dragon Ball Super - 041 - Come Forth, Divine Dragon! And Grant My Wish, Peas and Carrots! [ColdFusion][7ACDC6F6].mkv475M
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#410Dragon Ball Super - 043 - Goku's Energy Is Out of Control_! The Struggle to Look After Pan [ColdFusion][F7CFB6E5].mkv422M
#411Dragon Ball Super - 044 - The Seal of Planet Pot-au-feu, Secrets of the Unleashed Superhuman Water! [ColdFusion][2BD83645].mkv436M
#412Dragon Ball Super - 045 - Vegeta Disappears_! Menace of the Duplicate Vegeta! [ColdFusion][81251B35].mkv486M
#413Dragon Ball Super - 046 - Goku vs. the Duplicate Vegeta! Which One Is Going to Win_! [ColdFusion][D6855DF9].mkv519M
#414Dragon Ball Super - 047 - SOS from the Future! A Dark New Enemy Appears!! [ColdFusion][109F0C62].mkv432M
#415Dragon Ball Super - 048 - Hope!! Redux, Awaken in the Present, Trunks [ColdFusion][158E2728].mkv535M
#416Dragon Ball Super - 049 - A Message from the Future, The Incursion of Goku Black! [ColdFusion][430A63CF].mkv677M
#417Dragon Ball Super - 050 - Goku vs. Black! A Closed-Off Road to the Future! [ColdFusion][50CF07DD].mkv601M
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#422Dragon Ball Z - 003 - All Right! This is the Strongest Combo in the World! [F-R][3BE2D9C7].mkv917M
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#428Dragon Ball Z - 009 - Sorry, Robot-san-The Desert of Vanishing Tears [F-R][11D6BC95].mkv829M
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