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ColdYawn-Brave - [ColdYawn] Brave Witches (1080p) (Dual Audio)
ColdYawn-XROS - [ColdYawn] Digimon Xros Wars (English Sub) (720p)
ColdYawn-YGO - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (English Sub)
ColdYawn-YGO5D - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (720p) (English Sub)
ColdYawn-YGOARCV - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (English Sub) (720p)
ColdYawn-YGOGX - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX (English Sub)
#14Digimon Xros Wars - 01 - Taiki Goes to Another World! (720p) [ColdYawn][465FDD0B].mkv197M
#15Digimon Xros Wars - 02 - Shoutmon Roars! (720p) [ColdYawn][9EFF8163].mkv189M
#16Digimon Xros Wars - 03 - The Rival, Kiriha, Appears! (720p) [ColdYawn][5143684F].mkv176M
#17Digimon Xros Wars - 04 - Upheaval in the Island Zone! (720p) [ColdYawn][8F678308].mkv245M
#18Digimon Xros Wars - 05 - The DigiMemory Shines! (720p) [ColdYawn][5814DB2A].mkv237M
#19Digimon Xros Wars - 06 - X4 Breaks Through the Crisis! (720p) [ColdYawn][9B3C309B].mkv233M
#20Digimon Xros Wars - 07 - A Volcanic Digimon's Big Explosion! (720p) [ColdYawn][A3A4C023].mkv266M
#21Digimon Xros Wars - 08 - The Brave General Tactimon Approaches! (720p) [ColdYawn][C7A2ED04].mkv246M
#22Digimon Xros Wars - 09 - Dorulumon Runs with the Wind! (720p) [ColdYawn][85095A9F].mkv268M
#23Digimon Xros Wars - 10 - Taiki Becomes a Knight! (720p) [ColdYawn][4875AF7E].mkv267M
#24Digimon Xros Wars - 11 - Burn, Xros Heart! (720p) [ColdYawn][A5990C11].mkv225M
#25Digimon Xros Wars - 12 - Big Adventure in the Sand Zone Ruins! (720p) [ColdYawn][DA06B19C].mkv285M
#26Digimon Xros Wars - 13 - Taiki, Warrior of the Goddess! (720p) [ColdYawn][421E8580].mkv238M
#27Digimon Xros Wars - 14 - The Dance of the Warrior, Beelzebumon! (720p) [ColdYawn][D71AAA08].mkv271M
#28Digimon Xros Wars - 15 - Heaven Zone, A Trap in Paradise! (720p) [ColdYawn][07FA9FED].mkv267M
#29Digimon Xros Wars - 16 - The Black Knight Digimon Appears! (720p) [ColdYawn][A6180574].mkv241M
#30Digimon Xros Wars - 17 - A Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Takes Flight! (720p) [ColdYawn][406D78C1].mkv270M
#31Digimon Xros Wars - 18 - Stingmon, Hero of the Digimon Jungle (720p) [ColdYawn][945ECC6E].mkv240M
#32Digimon Xros Wars - 19 - The Legendary Deckerdramon Stirs! (720p) [ColdYawn][1D430891].mkv263M
#33Digimon Xros Wars - 20 - Dust Zone, GrandLocomon's Great Scrap City! (720p) [ColdYawn][BE5B127E].mkv183M
#34Digimon Xros Wars - 21 - The Decisive Battle! DarkKnightmon vs. Xros Heart! (720p) [ColdYawn][B69EAF03].mkv215M
#35Digimon Xros Wars - 22 - Wisemon and the Secrets of the Digital World! (720p) [ColdYawn][D3FA042C].mkv252M
#36Digimon Xros Wars - 23 - Shinobi Zone, the Comic Ninja Battle! (720p) [ColdYawn][88F7C8B6].mkv256M
#37Digimon Xros Wars - 24 - The Underachieving Monitamons Give It Their All! (720p) [ColdYawn][0EBE3FE3].mkv236M
#38Digimon Xros Wars - 25 - A Zone Collapses! Sparks Fly Between Taiki and Kiriha! (720p) [ColdYawn][C8078471].mkv211M
#39Digimon Xros Wars - 26 - Shoutmon and the Proof of a King! (720p) [ColdYawn][1D60D485].mkv236M
#40Digimon Xros Wars - 27 - Sweets Zone! The Battle of the Sweet Tooth Digimon! (720p) [ColdYawn][BF6BA47F].mkv260M
#41Digimon Xros Wars - 28 - Ultimate Weapon Activated! You Can Do It, Cutemon! (720p) [ColdYawn][E85FBC30].mkv264M
#42Digimon Xros Wars - 29 - Taiki and Kiriha VS The Bagra Army - The Full-Scale Showdown! (720p) [ColdYawn][C60C3595].mkv226M
#43Digimon Xros Wars - 30 - The Start of a New Journey!! The Great Tokyo Showdown!! (720p) [ColdYawn][31AB24C5].mkv216M
#44Digimon Xros Wars - 31 - To a New World! The Fire Fury General's Dragon Land (720p) [ColdYawn][662FB1D3].mkv253M
#45Digimon Xros Wars - 32 - Stand Up, Kiriha! Xros Heart's Rescue Strategy (720p) [ColdYawn][20AC2CDD].mkv233M
#46Digimon Xros Wars - 33 - Spine-tingling! The Moon Light General's Vampire Land (720p) [ColdYawn][B84AFF81].mkv254M
#47Digimon Xros Wars - 34 - Don't Die, Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX (720p) [ColdYawn][C05DF430].mkv205M
#48Digimon Xros Wars - 35 - Power is Absorbed! The Hunters of Honey Land (720p) [ColdYawn][A4B335F2].mkv237M
#49Digimon Xros Wars - 36 - The Laughing Hunter! General Zamielmon the Wood Spirit (720p) [ColdYawn][9500A7AB].mkv262M
#50Digimon Xros Wars - 37 - Why, Brother, Why! The Enemy General Yuu's Nightmare (720p) [ColdYawn][343C06DD].mkv222M
#51Digimon Xros Wars - 38 - The Mysterious Cyber Land! The Girl of the Steel City (720p) [ColdYawn][A19DBABF].mkv210M
#52Digimon Xros Wars - 39 - Xros Heart in Danger of Division! The Water Tiger General's Despicable Trap! (720p) [ColdYawn][EDFE5C5F].mkv247M
#53Digimon Xros Wars - 40 - The Merry Pirates Appear! Set Sail for Gold Land!! (720p) [ColdYawn][0F4363DB].mkv267M
#54Digimon Xros Wars - 41 - Olegmon the Gold Thief Laughs! Farewell, Xros Heart! (720p) [ColdYawn][8F5F55D3].mkv206M
#55Digimon Xros Wars - 42 - Whispering to Kiriha! The Earth God General of the Canyon, The Devil's Temptation! (720p) [ColdYawn][406D7B4B].mkv187M
#56Digimon Xros Wars - 43 - With Strong Love! Deckerdramon's Final Shout!! (720p) [ColdYawn][5CD90318].mkv226M
#57Digimon Xros Wars - 44 - X7 of Friendship! The Epic Battle with Gravimon!! (720p) [ColdYawn][2A66DC04].mkv228M
#58Digimon Xros Wars - 45 - The Final Kingdom, Bright Land of the Shining Sun (720p) [ColdYawn][8538BEE7].mkv242M
#59Digimon Xros Wars - 46 - Life or Death, Hell's Battle of the Generals! (720p) [ColdYawn][C896C19B].mkv200M
#60Digimon Xros Wars - 47 - Taiki vs. Yuu, the Boy Generals Face Off!! (720p) [ColdYawn][2E644452].mkv212M
#61Digimon Xros Wars - 48 - Beelzebumon Vanishes Into the Light! (720p) [ColdYawn][8F5A3E24].mkv235M
#62Digimon Xros Wars - 49 - Taiki's Decision! Surpass Apollomon, the Strongest of All! (720p) [ColdYawn][ED2AEE7F].mkv252M
#63Digimon Xros Wars - 50 - Reborn! All Seven Death Generals Appear!! (720p) [ColdYawn][C65AD5D1].mkv208M
#64Digimon Xros Wars - 51 - For the Future of the Digital World! Friendship with the Death Generals! (720p) [ColdYawn][FAFB79CA].mkv228M
#65Digimon Xros Wars - 52 - The Bagra Brothers' Bond of Darkness! (720p) [ColdYawn][F5050E23].mkv224M
#66Digimon Xros Wars - 53 - Drawing Nigh! The End of the Human World, D5!! (720p) [ColdYawn][AB44F498].mkv184M
#67Digimon Xros Wars - 54 - DigiXros of Glory, Take Hold of Our Future!! (720p) [ColdYawn][A3594E23].mkv298M
#68Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 01 (55) - We Are Digimon Hunters! (720p) [ColdYawn][A3952447].mkv212M
#69Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 02 (56) - Students Are Disappearing! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon (720p) [ColdYawn][D354CEBC].mkv183M
#70Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 03 (57) - The Robot Club's Dream, Pinocchimon's Temptation (720p) [ColdYawn][32128DED].mkv183M
#71Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 04 (58) - Honor Students Are Targeted! Blossomon's Smile (720p) [ColdYawn][7CDF24E4].mkv204M
#72Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 05 (59) - Cuteness Caution! The Cute Hunter, Airu's Trap! (720p) [ColdYawn][FD6973C5].mkv224M
#73Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 06 (60) - Digimon Kendo Match! The Blade of Kotemon Approaches!! (720p) [ColdYawn][DF66797D].mkv151M
#74Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 07 (61) - Okonomiyaki Panic! A Town Full of Pagumon (720p) [ColdYawn][236D4483].mkv187M
#75Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 08 (62) - The Digimon Hunt is Booming! The Remarkable Shopping District Hunter!! (720p) [ColdYawn][106FAF12].mkv187M
#76Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 09 (63) - The Digimon Hunt Thrives!The Remarkable Shopping District Hunter!! (720p) [ColdYawn][DF9B7E2C].mkv193M
#77Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 10 (64) - Arrival in Hong Kong! Protect the Super Gorgeous Idol!! (720p) [ColdYawn][80B3E0F9].mkv219M
#78Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 11 (65) - Tagiru Goes Limp! Gumdramon's in Trouble!! (720p) [ColdYawn][32FE8EE1].mkv236M
#79Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 12 (66) - Delicious Disgusting The Digimon Ramen Face-off! (720p) [ColdYawn][47938D6F].mkv185M
#80Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 13 (67) - World Travel for Kids Only! The Digimon Dream Train (720p) [ColdYawn][0AEDD053].mkv188M
#81Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 14 (68) - The Great Gathering of Hunters! A Fierce Digimon Battle on a Southern Island! (720p) [ColdYawn][67748D59].mkv230M
#82Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 15 (69) - You Want Friends Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise (720p) [ColdYawn][2C91EB11].mkv231M
#83Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 16 (70) - A Thrilling Horror Experience! The Spirit Hunter's Shout!! (720p) [ColdYawn][3C7BECD2].mkv168M
#84Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 17 (71) - Resemblance or None at All The Thief in Disguise, Betsumon (720p) [ColdYawn][B5B3A6AD].mkv206M
#85Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 18 (72) - The Great Gathering of UFOs and Dinosaurs! Ekakimon of Dreams (720p) [ColdYawn][D8F3C0FF].mkv202M
#86Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 19 (73) - The Great Undersea Adventure! Find the Treasure Digimon of Dreams! (720p) [ColdYawn][4B25E932].mkv235M
#87Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 20 (74) - The Rare Cards Have Disappeared! The Invincible RookChessmon (720p) [ColdYawn][AEA6F105].mkv192M
#88Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 21 (75) - The Theme Park of Dreams, DigimonLand! (720p) [ColdYawn][F5609E80].mkv219M
#89Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 22 (76) - The Golden Insect! The Mystery of MetallifeKuwagamon (720p) [ColdYawn][7E9F5BCC].mkv234M
#90Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 23 (77) - Now Revealed! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt! (720p) [ColdYawn][F0E3F787].mkv279M
#91Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 24 (78) - The Great Gathering of Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-Stars Showdown!! (720p) [ColdYawn][4FEC1D3D].mkv200M
#92Digimon Xros Wars S2 - 25 (79) - Get Fired Up, Tagiru! The Digimon Hunt for All the Glory! (720p) [ColdYawn][CF2836A7].mkv253M