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ColdYawn-Brave - [ColdYawn] Brave Witches (1080p) (Dual Audio)
ColdYawn-XROS - [ColdYawn] Digimon Xros Wars (English Sub) (720p)
ColdYawn-YGO - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (English Sub)
ColdYawn-YGO5D - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (720p) (English Sub)
ColdYawn-YGOARCV - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V (English Sub) (720p)
ColdYawn-YGOGX - [ColdYawn] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX (English Sub)
#2Brave Witches - 01 - The Witch of Sasebo (1080p) [ColdYawn][094707C5].mkv1.1G
#3Brave Witches - 02 - Take Flight, Chidori (1080p) [ColdYawn][EB11E9BC].mkv1.1G
#4Brave Witches - 03 - The 502nd Joint Fighter Wing (1080p) [ColdYawn] [17B1974E].mkv1.0G
#5Brave Witches - 04 - If You Want to Fight, Get Stronger! (1080p) [ColdYawn] [283D8B49].mkv1.0G
#6Brave Witches - 05 - Deadly Battle in the Freezing Cold (1080p) [ColdYawn] [50DD8919].mkv1.1G
#7Brave Witches - 06 - Good Luck (1080p) [ColdYawn] [1233EDFC].mkv1.1G
#8Brave Witches - 07 - On a Holy Night (1080p) [ColdYawn] [7539DD7E].mkv1.0G
#9Brave Witches - 08 - Grape Juice for Your Eyes (1080p) [ColdYawn] [6D3536F2].mkv1.1G
#10Brave Witches - 09 - Break Witches (1080p) [ColdYawn] [77E8E0CD].mkv1.1G
#11Brave Witches - 10 - Big Sister and Little Sister (1080p) [ColdYawn] [006DA6E5].mkv1.0G
#12Brave Witches - 11 - We Won't Know Until We Try (1080p) [ColdYawn] [C91BD377].mkv1.0G
#13Brave Witches - 12 - Shining with Light... (1080p) [ColdYawn] [7E345DB1].mkv1.1G