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DUB-MOV - Movies (DUB)
DUB-S01 - Indigo League (DUB)
DUB-S02 - Orange Islands (DUB)
DUB-S03 - Johto Journeys (DUB)
DUB-S04 - Johto League Champions (DUB)
DUB-S05 - Master Quest (DUB)
DUB-S06 - Advanced (DUB)
DUB-S07 - Advanced Challenge (DUB)
DUB-S08 - Advanced Battle (DUB)
DUB-S09 - Battle Frontier (DUB)
DUB-S10 - Diamond & Pearl (DUB)
DUB-S11 - DP Battle Dimension (DUB)
DUB-S12 - DP Galactic Battles (DUB)
DUB-S13 - DP Sinnoh League Victors (DUB)
DUB-S14 - Black & White (DUB)
DUB-S15 - BW Rival Destinies (DUB)
GAM - Games
Other - Other
RAW-MOV - Movies (RAW)
RAW-S01 - The Original Series (RAW)
RAW-S02 - Advanced Generation (RAW)
RAW-S03 - Diamond & Pearl (RAW)
RAW-S04 - Best Wishes (RAW)
RAW-SPC - Various specials (RAW)
SUB - Subtitled Encodes
#773Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) - All Gameboy (Color) Roms and Hacks [25B202C3].zip304M
#774Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) - All Gameboy Advance Roms [4C10F61D].zip379M
#775Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) - All NES and SNES Roms and Hacks [8146D66F].zip7.5M
#776Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) - All Nintendo 64 Roms [518B5F8D].zip1.2G
#777Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) - All Nintendo DS Roms [45F83990].zip2.2G